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[gftp] Re: Changing Novell servers with CWD //server

   The version of gftp at http://www.gftp.org/gftp-test.tar.bz2 should fix
this problem for you. I have removed all of the code that strips out the
double slashes.


On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 04:44:39PM +0200, Michal Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> My university uses Novell servers and it's possible to access them via 
> FTP. I can access my Novell home directory with gFTP just fine.
> What doesn't work is switching to another Novell server. It is supposed 
> to work using command "CWD //someserver"
> I'm trying to type "//someserver" into the remote directory combobox.
> However, gFTP filters the slashes and sends "CWD /someserver". The 
> server (correctly) responds with "550 Invalid Path".
> The only way for me to access the other Novell servers is using the 
> commandline ftp client.
> After some googling I've found that there are other universities using 
> this method of changing Novell servers:
> http://www.valpo.edu/eis/dirius/dirdocs/homedir.html
> http://computing.sscnet.ucla.edu/training/tutorial_NW_ftp.htm
> http://home.zcu.cz/orion/sbornik/98/kapitola_12.html#ftp
> Is there a way to teach gFTP to allow the two slashes in CWD commands?
> Regards,
> Michal Schmidt