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[gftp] mangled files

I'm running gftp 2.0.15 on a Red Hat 7.0 machine. When I transfer a file from my machine to another UNIX machine the file arrives just fine. If I retrieve the same file it gets mangled. Some long lines will have extra characters in them and there's usually extra lines at the end. The extra stuff is parts of the same file. The remote machines have been both Red Hat 7.0 machines and Solaris 6 machines.

I originally had the same problem with gftp 2.0.7b (came with the Red Hat release) so I upgraded to 2.0.15 - same problem.

I have Red Hat 7.2 machines at work with gftp 2.0.12 and when I try the same thing there both transfers and retrieves work fine.

I'm assuming this has something to do with my setup not gftp since I've not seen anything like this mentioned in this list's archives or in the FAQ.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem for me?


--John Sutton