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Re: [gftp] SSL - SSH - How?

It may be an issue with your network card. Are you using 'gftp' on a MS
Windows box? If you are, then I did not know this was possible. I use
'gftp' on Ubuntu with no problems on all IP connections (i.e, ethernet
or wireless card). 

On Fri, 2006-10-13 at 18:13 -0700, Jack Heller wrote:
> Hello All,
> 	Only been a few hours since the original post (and please excuse the double 
> post.)  I have not found "the" answer to my questions, but tried a different 
> Windows program, FileZilla.  And it is very good (as Windows software goes.)  
> I managed to get all the files downloaded to my XP laptop and will be able to 
> update them either on that machine or on the Kubuntu box.
> 	Problem was a loss of the local files when Fedora crashed a few weeks back.  
> Long story.  Switched to Kubuntu.  Way advanced over "Brand X."
> 	But . . . I still need the gftp help when some kind soul can do this for me.
> 		Thanks again in advance,     Jack
> On Friday 13 October 2006 13:27, Jack Heller wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 	I have been scratching my head for several days over this issue.  I have a
> > website on ATT Worldnet and can' talk to it since I upgraded to high speed
> > DSL connection.  Dial up used to work OK with gftp.  Now it refuses connect
> > from an "unsecure" user.
> > 	I have read many FAQs with seemingly vague statements, but no answer I can
> > apply.  I prefer to use the gftp as it is user friendly in every other way.
> > 	To experiment, I used a Windows program, Smart FTP, and it has an
> > automatic Certificate generator which seemed to be a plus but found there
> > was still a problem in that I needed to set the connect protocol to
> >             FTP over SSL (Implicit)
> > 	Did that and it made connect and I could view files.  Downloading was
> > clumsy, but I learned two things.
> > 	I need to generate a certificate for gftp and to emulate "SSL Implicit"
> >
> > 	So . . . Please help . . . Thanks in advance,  Jack
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