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Re: [gftp] SSL - SSH - How?

Hello Ken,
	Very good about living in Portland.  I am in Carson city, NV

	The download source for Filezilla is:


	Using the Konqueror browser, there are no buttons to click, but you will find 
one of the lines on the page links into the info.

	I also found helpful info at:


	Not that you need this info, but it is interesting.  And that software works 
terrific in Windows XP.

	As with most folks, there are some chores we must relegate to Windows 
platform.  FTP shouldn't be one of them.  But we do what works.  At least, 
until the problem is resolved, I can handle the file transfers now.

	Thanks again,    Jack

On Friday 13 October 2006 21:08, Ken Hill wrote:
> I understand your need for sleep Jack; It it may turn to do that to;
> given that I'm on US Pacific Time (Portland, Oregon).
> If you now how to get to a command line via a Terminal session, then
> try:
> ~$ gftp
> and see what happens. I have not used 'gftp' with the KDE desktop, but
> there is something similar that KDE has. Let me know what you find.
> -Ken
> PS: I worked with Linux using the KDE desktop for a bit over a year, and
> I got frustrated. I switched to the Gnome desktop because of what I use
> it for. The 'gftp' app works great for my needs to up/down load data
> to/from my servers to/from my desktop using ssh. Please let me know you
> best solution; I worry a bit about your "Window work around" or
> "Filezilla"; can you send me a URL on "Filezilla" that you are referring
> to?
> -Ken