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Re: [gtj@tesla.net.au: Independence]

> > I just received this mail.  One of the nice things in Australia is
> > that it is monday before nearly everybody else.
> > 
> > I warned him that this version will be shortlived due to RedHat
> > issuing a new version in a few weeks not to mention the fact I don't
> > have a CD-R (the later can be solved).
> I have a CD writer here (well, a guy who lives 10 feet from me does). If you
> provide me with a CD image, I can burn it.

It has to be built and preferently made bootable.  I never have done
that but I can assist you in transforming the ftp-oriented
/pub/independence/distribution directory into something looking like a

> I suppose the other issue is the bigger one, though -- do we expect Redhat
> to finish their release (6.0?) on time, and do we expect it to be different
> enough that we can't just tell them to plug in the new rpms?

Unless RedHat goes glibc 2.1 most rpms should be pluggable right out
of the box.  The main ones to be affected would be those related to
booting or boot scripts and X start.  However the install should be
redone and perhaps I will take advantage to add support for two
features I much want: ppp setup at install time and boot directly into

New version of RPM will have a nice new feature: you can ask about
packages being already installed when you build another package.  The
problem was that autoconf-based software detected what was installed
and built the package accordingly so we could get packages with vastly
different capabilities depending on what was installed at build time.
The new feature will make life easier for cooperative projects like
this one.

About Redhat plans: a 2.0 based release would sell poorly but 2.2.2
has some performance problems on TCP/IP so they cannot release until
they are solved.  Notice they could use one of Alan Cox's releases or
of one of the pre-releases in case it appears it solves this problem
so don't think they will take months on releasing.

> An alternate solution would be to build a CD image somewhere with a fast
> connection (like belegost or cran), and then ask them to get it and burn it.
> It would be slightly more work for them, but we could then repeat the process
> when we/they wanted a new release...
> I've cc'ed this to the LSL fellow to spark some faster discussion/answers.
> --Roger
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> > Hello,
> > My name is Glenn Jayaputera from Linux System Labs Australia
> > (www.lsl.com.au).  Our main business is distributing Linux to the
> > end users.  Recently we came across your distribution and would like
> > to distribute it here.  We can put your distribution on CDR and sell
> > them here..  Question is, is it possible for you guys to send us a
> > master CD?
> > 
> > Thanks
> > glenn
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