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Can't install from SMB


I downloaded Indy yesterday and today am trying to install it.  I downloaded
it on my Windows 98 Box and want to install it from there.  I select SMB
install from the Indy boot disk, enter the info that I think might be where my
problem is comming from...tell it the location and it says that the host is
unknown and it can't find the directory.  Anyways...a little on my network.  I
have 3 computers, my Linux box where I am goiing to install Indy, and two
Win98 machines.  The Win98 box that has the Indy RPMs has the following TCP
Wins disabled
No Gateway
DNS disabled
Computer Name: K6
Workgroup Name: WORKGROUP
Access Control is ShareLevel

Anyway, here is the Info I am telling Indy about my network during Install
Default Gateway:
Primary Nameserver:
Domain Name:  ????   This is my problem, what do I put for a domain name
Hostname: ????  Again...I have no idea what to put here
Secondary Nameserver:  None
Tertiary Nameserver: None
SMB Servername: K6
Share Volume: /Indy/Independence  (I shared the folder where I downloaded
Account Name:  none
Password:  none

I think my problem is the Hostname and Domain Name...what should I put
here...since I have a home network?   Any ideas.  Thanx.

Max DiOrio