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RE: Blender status change

>On Wed, 24 Mar 1999, Roger Dingledine wrote:
>> and they like and use blender, then when they want to get the latest
>> version of it, they'll find that they have to pay money for it.
>I don't having to "pay" being a problem in itself. The main problem is
>that we would effectively be advertising the non-crippled product.
>> everything. So you aren't locked into a specific company if you want to
>> upgrade, or even fix things yourself and re-release the changes.
>but was blender ever "free" in this sense ? I thought they had a very
>restrictive license.
>-- Donovan

I love Blender, it should stay in the distribution. If you are worried about
the license look at http://www.blender.nl/NaN.html where you can read
"Blender 2.0: - GPL and/or plugin API." I don't see GPL as a very
restrictive license :-)

- yiyus

PD: This could be interesting for you, a new distribution (yet another :-) :