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Re: Windows95 users

On 30 Mar 1999 00:32:35 -0000
jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> Due to the fact wwe are not on CD I assumed people trying Indy 0.1
> would have Linux.  That is why the Install is in tgz format instead of
> Zip.
> But to my surprise there are people trying Indy without previous Unix
> experience (and without an ext2 partition) so they store the distrib
> in their Win95 partitions.  Someone is complaining to me about name
> mangling.  Did anyone in that list install a RedHat clone from a Win95
> partition?  What problems did you have?
Make two disk, boot.img and supp.img
select install media (Hard disk)
all the RPMS and base directory should under "RedHat" tree,
 under "RedHat" trees all filenames and directoy names remain ASIS from
 ftp site or CDROM.
 BTW, I build my own distro based on RedHat.