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Re: [Libevent-users] std::threads

> >It's better to enable locking for bufferevents anyway.
> >
> Are you sure it is ok to lock the bufferevents by our own lock? No need to
> implement these
> (http://www.wangafu.net/~nickm/libevent-book/Ref1_libsetup.html
> <http://www.wangafu.net/%7Enickm/libevent-book/Ref1_libsetup.html>
> specifically that section about âLocks and threadingâ)???
> How about event_base? lock event_base similar to bufferevents?

I think that basic bufferevents locks must be enough (pthread on
linux/some stuff on win32), since std::thread is not about this, IOW it
is safe to synchronize via pthread's locks between them.
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