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Re: Projects to Add

On Sun, 6 Jun 1999, Rob Kaper wrote:

> Bob, once we have established our database/announcement database for games,
> would you still be willing to place a weekly/bi-monthly announcement
> pointing to the devel games under the title of... "Games of tomorrow" or
> something like that?
> That would rock.. and we will of course send you the latest updates of games
> that are near completion and thus great for the LGT.

How about a box on my news page that tracks project updates at LGDC, like
I do now for my own database?  All you'd have to do is make a summary file
available that I could pick up periodically (I've already bugged Paul
about doing this for your news page as well).  Also, it would be nice if
we could cross-link to each other when there happens to be a game that
both databases carry.

And I'm always happy to pass on any kind of announcement on my news page.
All you need to do is ask.