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Re: dmca takedown, was: Recommended VPS ISPs?

against MediaSentry/BayTSP (but helps in other cases), because they use the 'upstream' contact information.

Why don't you all suggest the most obvious solution? Get a list started on the Wiki about countries in which these companies are not (yet) active. This includes all European countries, and AFAIK especially Holland, Sweden and Norway are a good bet, because they don't allow this hunt on private filesharers.

eh dude? does it look like we are in that retarded ex-colony?

nope.. appart from some canadian ip space all of our ip space is with ripe and registered to either country nl, de or antarctica and we still get their shit... if only they'd limit their crap to their own side of the ocean, i would not care :P

the good thing however is that false aquisations as well as automated spam and obtaining and processing "personal details" are highly illegal in most of europe, so we can screw them on that

america with their copyright bullshit is getting to the point where we consider "depeering" them all at once :P

if they can't fix their politics and laws, we surely can make sure it doesn't reach our side of the internet :P

Moritz Bartl