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Re: dmca takedown, was: Recommended VPS ISPs?


Am 09.08.2010 23:08, schrieb Justin Bull:
It actually originated from Warner Bros for Inception and Clash of The
Titans torrents.

Haha, that seems to be one of the most popular files being allegedly shared through Tor. I have received about 5 complaints about that movie alone within a few days weeks ago (and dozens of others), until the data center (Softlayer) forced me to limit exit policy to well-known ports.

> or just putting the exit nodes on pi / directassignment ip ranges...

How, where, who? Let me know if you can find someone who sells me PI address space in the sparse IPv4 world (and then fund me to be able to pay for it ;-).

From what I understand subdelegating (SWIP/RWHOIS) IP ranges doesn't help against MediaSentry/BayTSP (but helps in other cases), because they use the 'upstream' contact information.

Why don't you all suggest the most obvious solution? Get a list started on the Wiki about countries in which these companies are not (yet) active. This includes all European countries, and AFAIK especially Holland, Sweden and Norway are a good bet, because they don't allow this hunt on private filesharers.

Moritz Bartl