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Re: Costs of Portable IP Space [was: New Node]

Thus spake Sven Olaf Kamphuis (sven@xxxxxxxxxx):

> I think we -could- potentially try to kick in an application for let's 
> say a /20 PI space with ripe, and register this to some foundation (let's 
> say the EFF) which can then use this for TOR nodes.
> thing is, PI space is not supposed to be sub-delegated to 'customers' so 
> the whole thing will then have to go on the EFF (or whatever)
> you can however simply split it up in BGP over multiple physical 
> locations (who the fuck cares about 
> route-objects anyway, and i guess we can even get those to work with some 
> trickery ;)
> but usually it's easier to simply "fix the law", the (your) law clearly 
> has a bug here, which should not be 'worked around' but rather 'fixed'.

Perhaps you didn't read my email closely enough. The organization we
are up against controls the laws in my country. 

So no, it is not a "simple" matter of "fixing" the law. If you read my
post, you would have realized I was also arguing that it is not a
matter of "working around" the law, either. I was arguing that in the
US, at least, we stay the hell off their radar and behave as if the
DMCA is sufficient to stop us (because it may be). Or else we will get
a much worse law:

I don't know what you folks across the pond know about American
government, but it is not a functional democracy. Hell, it's not even
a proper representative democracy. It is a winner-take-all
least-common-denominator most-money-wins-the-race farce that has been
used to manipulate the public in favor of powerful interests for over
a hundred years or more. It is so bad that our country is on the verge
of destroying itself, and yet it is still powerless to enact any sort
of meaningful change, despite numerous campaign promises to the
contrary. Congressional approval ratings: Below 20%. Presidential
approval ratings: 40%. Incumbancy rates: 90%. Do the math.

The only hope that Americans have for any sort of justice out of
our government is that the voracious appetites of these powerful
interests are not always aligned with one another.

It doesn't take the foresight of Paul Atreides to realize that
fighting this law or "working around it" can end in the destruction of
Tor and anonymity, very quickly. At the very least we risk doing
significant damage to our cause by fighting a battle that we as an
organization do not even care about. 

Tor is not about supporting filesharing. In fact, the real way to
design a network to "work around" the DMCA would look a lot more like
I2P than Tor.

We should not sacrifice Tor fighting a battle we don't want to fight,
and that we cannot win. Please take your suicidal declarations of war
elsewhere ;)

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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