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Re: [tor-relays] Setting up AWS cloud-relay - don't reserve expensive storage!

On 08/12/13 19:02, Nick wrote:
Quoth Roger Dingledine:
On Sun, Dec 08, 2013 at 04:00:06PM +0000, Nick Sheppard wrote:
At the end of the month I got a bill for 120 dollars. And Amazon
were quite right - they were charging me for the 1024 GB of storage
I had accidentally asked for by not changing the default when I set
up the instance.  The first 30 GB were free, the other 994 I was
paying for. And I was only actually using 1.5 GB ...

*Storage*? As in, disk space? Surely you mean bandwidth, but you
seem quite clearly to mean disk space, so I'm confused.

Sounds to me like Amazon decided the instance should be given 1024GB
of disk space by default, regardless of the fact that it (obviously)
remained completely unused.

Nick, if Amazon were a reasonable company that certainly ought to be
the sort of thing you could say "I didn't realise, it was
misleading, and I didn't use the offered space, please refund me".
However given their love of automation and robotic offerings I
suspect such pleas would be ignored.

Nice idea, but I don't think I'd have a case. The 1024 GB is there on the setup screen (at least it is for eu-west-1), there were many ways I could have seen how much unused storage I had, I could have checked my bill more often, I could easily have set up an email alert for when the bill passed a set threshold ...

... I think in the back of my mind I had an idea that this was The Cloud, a sort of ideal elastic resource where you would only pay for what you used. Well, not where AWS EBS storage is concerned!

Nick Sheppard

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