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Tor relay on vserver exeeding numtcpsock

Hi all,

after running 2 tor relays over dialup connections for several weeks, I 
recently ordered a vserver (Hosteurope Virtual Server Linux L 4.0) and setup a 
middleman tor relay. Very fast the vserver run into shortage of tcp sockets 
which indicate lots of

"Error creating network socket: No buffer space available"

errors. The numtcpsocks parameter limit is set to 550 on the vserver. Before 
asking the ISP to increase the value I would like to ask you what a reasonable 
value  of this parameter would be. The tor wiki describe several parameters 
and values for SWSoft's Virtuozzo here 

but for numtcpsock a recommendation is missing.

Thanks for your help.


Klaus Layer
Walldorf, Germany
GPG Fingerprint: 466D 12F8 28A3 D137 A77E FC3B 271C 2D79 6F5E 94C9

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