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Re: polipo-tor deb/ubuntu native package

On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 10:42:18PM +0100, intrigeri wrote:
> > So how do I make people aware of the option?
> In my humble opinion your package shall be pushed to Debian and Ubuntu
> (or at least to deb.torproject.org) before user awareness is the top
> priority. Rationale: I'm not a fan of recommending users to install
> .deb from any random online repository (no offense intended); trusting
> a given APT source almost equals trusting this repository's admins and
> package maintainers to be root on your system.

Makes sense.

I'd like to get it in the torproject.org repo, but I'm not sure how.

Per Andrew's suggestion, I opened a trac.torproject.org ticket to
ask for someone to help me get it in there.

I am unsure of whether it should be in the debian repo, since the
dependencies aren't even in there yet.  However, I could try and
see what they think.

> I don't think pushing this package to Debian and Ubuntu is that hard
> and I suggest the following process:
> 0. If not done yet, compare the default polipo configuration you are
>    shipping with the Tor Browser Bundle's and T(A)ILS' ones, just to
>    make sure no privacy/anonymity-related option was missed.

Good point, will do.

> 1. Make sure your package is in good enough shape so that it can be
>    included in Debian (=> Debian users can use it as well, and Ubuntu
>    will fetch it from there in a few months). I mean checking the
>    Debian Policy compliance, making sure it is Lintian-clean, etc.

I uploaded it to debian-mentors and it checks out fine now (as of
version 1.4)

> 2. Fill a Request For Package (RFP) bug in the Debian BTS [0] so that
>    any Tor-friendly Debian developer is aware of your work and can
>    decide to upload your package into Debian.

Is this related, parallel, a superset or a subset of the
debian-mentors RFS process?  I could go through that, but haven't
flagged this package as needing sponsorship yet since the tor
packages themselves aren't in the debian repo.

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