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Re: [tor-talk] Google as default search engine revisited

Sebastian Hahn schrieb am 10.01.2012 21:24:55

>> 1. Why is Google the default search engine in the TOR browser bundle?
> Because it's the default search engine in Firefox
>> 2. Does TOR get money from Google
>>  a) for using Google as the default search engine?
> No.
>>  b) in general?
> Google sponsors the Google Summer of Code, and gives 500$ per student
> to the mentoring organizations, and also pays some amount of money for
> mentors to travel to the summit (only to cover transportation expenses).
> Tor has participated in the program in the past, and probably will
> again if accepted. In the past, I believe the work on Thandy was
> (partially?) sponsored by Google, but that there's no current contract.
> Andrew might be able to tell you more.

Thank you very much for your detailed answer.

What about changing the default search engines for the bundle? As
far as I can see that would only mean to put in other XML files and
change one line in a config file. Would that be an option?
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