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Re: Sorbs

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Ehh... I'm all fed up with these blacklists. Why block mails because
mailserver is also running Tor? Mails are sent directly, not through
tor-proxy. Theres no point in that, my exit policy denies exit to port 25.
These sorbs-aholes are also demanding a "donation" to get your server off
their db's (spamdb), in some cases It's not even your fault that your server
is listed there (inherited spammers ex-ip's for example).  It's nicer to
filter spam "by-mail" not "by-host" or even "by-netblock". I think that they
are blinded by their good cause and forget that they are also blocking
legimate traffic and doing nothing about it.


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Does SORBS list (sorbs.net) Tor as open proxy?

Sadly, yes. There has been some communication, but the result seems to be that there's no sign of change on the horizon.

Hopefully we'll soon reach the point where these stupid blacklists ban
every IP on the planet and we can then ignore them completely as they
cackle in their darkened Faraday cages "no one can touch me now!"


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