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Re: Sorbs

On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 12:45:24AM +0300, maillist wrote:
> Ehh... I'm all fed up with these blacklists. Why block mails because
> mailserver is also running Tor? Mails are sent directly, not through
> tor-proxy. Theres no point in that, my exit policy denies exit to port
> 25.  These sorbs-aholes are also demanding a "donation" to get your
> server off their db's (spamdb), in some cases It's not even your fault
> that your server is listed there (inherited spammers ex-ip's for
> example).  It's nicer to filter spam "by-mail" not "by-host" or even
> "by-netblock". I think that they are blinded by their good cause and
> forget that they are also blocking legimate traffic and doing nothing
> about it.

Hi Markus,

Do you have any concrete examples or evidence of SORBS demanding a
donation to remove servers from their published lists?  That might be an
interesting question from a legal perspective.


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