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call for OR-policy mailing list

hi all,

As there seems to be some difference in opinions as to what such as ECPA and ECPA case law actually means to US Tor operators and at least one person here has objected to the "legal" nature of the discussion, may I suggest that a mailing list be created called
OR-Policy as sister mailing list to or-talk(as that seems to be more in the nature of a bug reporting and support list.)
The technical/legal issues involved could be freely expressed there without disturbing the work going on here, ever since the JAP case in Germany and others prior to that julfs anon server to name , the Australian PAX server(the first civilian pgp encrypted mailing list in 1992), and others, questions like this have been plaguing remailer operators, nym server operators , eternity service operators and now tor operators. If you are based at an EDU then at least Uni legal staff will sometimes back your play.

BUT when you are a small boutique security company then the costs of a "takeover" by the USG in the course of an investigation
of output traffic from a tor node you host could ruin and bankrupt your company.

This subject matter needs to be addressed seriously without insulting the different participants as it is critical to operation of US Tor nodes.

  a tor operator