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Re: Tor Hardware Router (Tor in a box)

Dear Adam,

>* I'm not too excited that the config scripts are written in PHP - but

>I guess it's better than shell script :) How about a Linux based
>solution rather than FBSD? Since the development happens on Linux
>that's probably the best platform.

thanks for your response.
It was just a quick idea, to see some reactions.
of course freebsd is not a must.

m0n0wall (http://m0n0.ch/wall/) was just an example, because the php /
xml config implementation
is ihmo a good way to solve the configuration etc. of such an "appliance".

>* How many SSL handshakes per second / AES MB/s can this CPU handle
>and are there silly limitation about the bandwidth across the bus?
>(Someone could actually need to have one of these boards to find this
>* based on the above we can take a guess about how well this will
>perform as an OP and OR.

perhaps we should as the ppl. at pcengines.ch - they developed this box :-)
another solution would be the net4801 from soekris engineering. (http://www.soekris.com/)

dont get me wrong.. my initial posting was just to check if there is
a general interest in a "hardware based" solution.

would be a good thing to know, what the devs think about it :-)