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Re: Tor Hardware Router (Tor in a box)

On Sun, Jun 12, 2005 at 01:50:08PM +0000, numE wrote:
> >* How many SSL handshakes per second / AES MB/s can this CPU handle
> >and are there silly limitation about the bandwidth across the bus?
> >(Someone could actually need to have one of these boards to find this
> >out.)
> >* based on the above we can take a guess about how well this will
> >perform as an OP and OR.
> perhaps we should as the ppl. at pcengines.ch - they developed this box :-)
> another solution would be the net4801 from soekris engineering. (http://www.soekris.com/)

Have you (or anyone else for that matter:) tried out the VIA C3 or C7


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