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RE: Why TOR Operators SHOULD always sniff their exit traffic...


> >   Right. U.S. laws and crazy legal system do not apply
> >   to the Whole World, hopefully.

> Um, the rest of the world also has similiar regulations. Just as nuts,
> in a different way. EU may yet pass the legislation to retain connection
> information anywhere from 6 months to two years.

No. US legislation has *in general* different principles for protecting
privacy in private and public sector. Government *in principle* always needs
court warrant. But employer can monitor communications if he owns equipment.

In Europe *in general* there is no difference. In my country I know one case
where someone has been recording telephone conversation she has with someone
else (so she was recording her own conversation with other person). But the
other person did not know about recording. Constitutional court decided it
is NOT allowed. It would be allowed with court order or in a very special

Monitoring employee's communications is also not allowed without court
order. See the decision of Cour de cassation from France No. 99-42.942 dated
2. Oct 2001 about surveillance in workplace. See also Halford decision of
European Court for Human Rights.

bye, Matej