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Re: [P-box] (fwd) Tor Hardware Router (Tor in a box)

Hardware is actually a small part of the overall product for this.  How
would hardware/software support, replacements, upgrades, and an admin
gui be handled?

It'd also be great if these had enough cpu power to be a server
(configurable by the user of course) as well.  I know the soekris crypto
card is decent, but not sure that could be included in the price of the
hardware and still keep it cheap enough.


On Wed, Jun 15, 2005 at 06:23:19PM +0200, numE@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 1.0K bytes in 32 lines about:
: Hi Marco,
: > In fact pbox Level II is quite similar to the configuration 
: >  you drafted; the major problem if you want to use
: >  it as a dedicated computer (you really mean "router" isn't it?)
: >  is the memory footprint & cpu power; embedded processor are in the
: >  range of 64-128Mb, non-upgradable, and Pentium 233 equivalent. 
: > 
: > https://www.winstonsmith.info/pbox/index-e.html
: > 
: > But the Tor route use a lot of bandwidth, so if you
: >  can afford it, probably you can afford anoter dedicated
: >  pc or blade too.
: > 
: > What do you think ?
: > 
: > Ciao.   Marco
: The WRAP from PC-Engines.ch was just a "lowcost" example (about 150 Euro).
: The embedded engines from Soekris.Com have much more power and should
: work for a tor-in-a-box-router solution.
: have a look here: http://www.soekris.com/products.htm
: for example the net4826 would be a good thing.
: the quys at m0n0wall (http://m0n0.ch/wall) "ported" their solution
: to the soekris platform, too - so we should be able, too ;-)
: greetz,
: numE