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Re: Some legal trouble with TOR in France

 I feel sorry for the inconvenience that caused for you.
However, this might have a good part, too: at least now you know that
you can run an exit node without getting accused or so (it caused
inconvenience the most, but no accusation or so right?). If that
happened to me then at least I'd know next time they will know about Tor.
Yes, you right, I'm not accused of nothing for now, and the overall
experience at this child protection police station was rather good.
I must say this cops where the most respectfull to me I ever met !

However I might get bad news about this in a few weeks/monthes,
depending of what the justice wants to do with me. Unauthorised cryptographic programs are illegal in france, since the "len" law
adopted two years ago but I believe there is not much precedent
equivalent case so they must be thinking twice before they get me
into trouble.

Thanks for your support !