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Attn: Nick or Roger: An offer to enable you to release Widows builds


The past two versions of Tor (v. and v. have taken awhile to be built/released for Windows (the latter still is MIA).  I know this is because you guys don't have a Windows box and I think the person who used to do the Windows build isn't doing so anymore?

I would wager that 60-70% of Tor users (clients) run Windows and of that percent I would guess 95% dont' know how to build Tor from source.  I have been trying to build for a week now and can't get it done either.

So, if someone sent you guys a legal non-OEM Windows XP Home SP2 installation Cd would you put this on a box and try to release the Widnows builds along with the *nix builds?

I am offering to buy and send you this Cd buy the 3rd week of September.  Would you be interested in my offer?  Would this allow the Windows builds to be released in a timely fashion along side the *nix builds?

Thank you for concidering my offer,


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