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Re: Attn: Nick or Roger: An offer to enable you to release Widows builds

Hello Anothony,

> The past two versions of Tor (v. and v. have
> taken awhile to be built/released for Windows (the latter still is
> MIA).  I know this is because you guys don't have a Windows box and
> I think the person who used to do the Windows build isn't doing so anymore?

I have built it on Win32. You can take it here - www.ygrek.org.ua/tor
Actually I had to edit a code a little to compile.. So use it on your
own risk :) The archives contain only tor.exe and tor_resolve.exe

My GPG key is in attach.
Fingerprint - A34C 49DD 3DB8 B78D FAEB  E0FA 6346 B945 708D 5A0C

Best regards,
 ygrek    http://ygrek.org.ua  xmpp:ygrek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx         

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