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Re: Tor Defense Fund...an idea.

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Good ideas. I was thinking of something similar myself. Are there
existing organizations like this in other countries, specifically
Germany and France, where most of this BS seems to be coming from? If
so, the most efficient thing to do would be to simply get them on the
bandwagon and get them involved, rather than starting a whole new
organization (in theory).

Matej Kovacic wrote:
> Hi,
> "that more people get 'busted', therefore draining the fund even
> more." No, because when there will be one case when under some
> circumstances Tor operator will be freed, there will be no legal
> action againt other Tor operators anymore.
> But I see one big problem with EFF. EFF is an US-based
> organisation. They do their job very well, but in USA.
> For instance, if I get busted in Slovenia EFF can't help me. The
> don't know slovenian legal system, they don't have a list of
> lawyers in Slovenia, etc. I am on my own.
> So my suggestion is to promote a development of country based
> organisations similar to EFF, which will cooperate on the
> international level. It would be also more convenient (and
> trustworthy) to transfer money for legal defense from international
>  organisation to country organisation which knows all the local
> circumstances.
> In Slovenia we have an unformal group of privacy aware individuals.
>  We are working at the universities, as a lawyers in a courts, as a
>  journalists and at ISP's. We do not have a formal organisation
> yet, but sooner or later we will do that move. We are communicating
>  through the internet, some of us are even preparing some legal
> cases (offer legal, money and expertize).
> I think we need such a group in every country, not just USA and
> Germany. It is important that people in that organisations are
> highly educated in legal area also. And that groups should be
> general privacy oriented, not just Tor. That would be first step.
> The second would be to create a strong international connection
> between them and to establish "good organisational practices" to
> prevent corruption and incompetence.
> bye, Matej

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