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Re: [pygame] Clarification of mixer/channel/music_mixer objects...

sounds like much have this has been 'discovered' already,
but here comes some more info for enquiring minds...

> If so, how do you set this placement? I couldn't 
> see anything in the docs (although I am short-
> sighted!) that explained...

unfortunately SDL has NO support for anything like
this. the sound channel plays however it was loaded.
i do want to add a "soundarray" module, which can
turn the audio buffers into Numeric arrays of numbers.
from there it would be very simple to do things like
panning, echos, reverse, and the whole handbag of
little audio goodies. it may come soon, but who can
guess at these things? :]

> In addition, does the mixer_music object only 
> support playback of a large streamed wav file? No 
> other formats (Ogg/Mp3)? 

there's a lot of support for different streaming music
formats. i'll warn a couple things here. first, the MP3
playback is a bit shady, i wouldn't recommend using it
without doing a bit of testing first to make sure its
gonna work for you. using MIDI can also be a problem,
since it requires the Timidity sound patches to be found
in the same directory as your game. Ogg support is good
and sounds very nice, you'll just need a SDL_mixer that
is linked with libvorbis.

the other good news is there is big support for MOD and the
entire family of sampled music formats (mtm, xm, it, etc).
i think these would be your best bet, if you've got the
ability to put them together.

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