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Re: [pygame] Clarification of mixer/channel/music_mixer objects...

> unfortunately SDL has NO support for anything like
> this. the sound channel plays however it was loaded.
> i do want to add a "soundarray" module, which can
> turn the audio buffers into Numeric arrays of
> numbers.
> from there it would be very simple to do things like
> panning, echos, reverse, and the whole handbag of
> little audio goodies. it may come soon, but who can
> guess at these things? :]

for what it's worth there is a PyDirectSound module
that lets you feed Numeric arrays to the sound buffer
in semi-realtime - you can do all kinds of FM/sound
effects and additive synthesis but the sine waves come
out pretty noisy for some reason.  also of course it
requires Windows and DirectX 8... anyway it might be
worth looking at for reference:

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