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Re: [pygame] pygamezero moving to github discussion thread

My interest in moving to Github is to help solicit contributions etc. Bitbucket was never good at this and my impression is that it has become worse.

The main concern I have with formally moving it into the Pygame project is Pygame Zero may need to separate from Pygame at some point. I've known since the beginning that Pygame Zero doesn't have a great performance story. To make it easy to learn - this is the rationale behind everything we did - pgzero uses a simple "render everything every frame" approach. This works fine for simple games on desktop, but it's not good on Raspberry Pis, for example. There are plenty of clever tricks that one could try to use to improve this, but the ultimate one is to get more into Pi-compatible GPU rendering, and thus move away from Pygame and of course change the name slightly (maybe Pi Game Zero or just PGZero).

On the other hand, if more native code would help, then Pygame would be an excellent place to put that code for mutual benefit. For example, the Pi 3 is quad-core: I thought about maybe queuing all blits into a separate, native thread from the Python. Perhaps this would use some sort of reference-counted copy-on-write system to ensure surfaces aren't updated while queued for blitting. Pygame is a better place to build this kind of thing than Pygame Zero (which is pure Python).

On the other hand perhaps there are way more important things to worry about in Pygame Zero than performance.

On Wed, 15 Mar 2017 at 10:06 René Dudfield <renesd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What is Pygame Zero?
"""Pygame Zero is for creating games without boilerplate.

It is intended for use in education, so that teachers can teach basic programming without needing to explain the Pygame API or write an event loop."""


Was just chatting on twitter with @lordmauve about bringing pygamezero into the pygame organization on github.

So far we have the website, pygame mirror, and solarwolf (which is acting as an example game).

So this is a thread where we can begin to discuss, and coordinate moving it there.

Some steps...

1. Add team members to pygame gh org.
2. Create pygamezero team on pygame gh org
3. Convert hg to git, and create repo. Move issues across. (there's a tool in github to do this almost automagically once all team members are on gh)
4. update various build tools.
5. update docs to point to gh
6. Leave notes on bitbucket about moving, leaving a link there.