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[pygame] Another instalment in the Flatpak saga

My adventures mixing pygame and Flatpak have got a bit further. I now have a crude tool which can build a working Flatpak package from a config file describing your game. See the instructions here:

I want to emphasise that this is very unpolished at the moment. If you're interested in distributing games to Linux users, please try it out, but expect bugs! I hope it will be a stepping-stone to a more general tool to package Python applications using Flatpak, but I'm still thinking about how that will work, and I want to get some more experience of the Flatpak system.

I've updated the two example games I was working with to build with this tool. Here's the diff for Solarwolf, which didn't need any changes in the code:

And here's the diff for Luke's Pyweek game, Solarflair, which needed a few tweaks:

In other news, I hear that Ubuntu 17.04 will include Flatpak in a default install, which seems like a good sign that I'm not wasting my time. ;-)