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Re: [pygame] Another instalment in the Flatpak saga


Also, that's nice news that it will be installed by default. I wonder what that means for Snap. I sort of feel bad for Ubuntu, where so many of the things they make are not taken up by the winder community. On the other hand, perhaps we'd never have heard of flatpak otherwise.

It seems 16.04 is supported with a ppa on Ubuntu, and it's at least packaged for many other ones. Couldn't find anything about being in by default with mint, manjaro, fedora, suse, raspberian? I guess it's too soon.

I wonder if you tried the 'change current working directory' hack, and it didn't work?


On Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 2:43 PM, Thomas Kluyver <takowl@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My adventures mixing pygame and Flatpak have got a bit further. I now have a crude tool which can build a working Flatpak package from a config file describing your game. See the instructions here:

I want to emphasise that this is very unpolished at the moment. If you're interested in distributing games to Linux users, please try it out, but expect bugs! I hope it will be a stepping-stone to a more general tool to package Python applications using Flatpak, but I'm still thinking about how that will work, and I want to get some more experience of the Flatpak system.

I've updated the two example games I was working with to build with this tool. Here's the diff for Solarwolf, which didn't need any changes in the code:

And here's the diff for Luke's Pyweek game, Solarflair, which needed a few tweaks:

In other news, I hear that Ubuntu 17.04 will include Flatpak in a default install, which seems like a good sign that I'm not wasting my time. ;-)