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Re: [pygame] Another instalment in the Flatpak saga

On 26 March 2017 at 08:16, René Dudfield <renesd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I sort of feel bad for Ubuntu, where so many of the things they make are not taken up by the winder community. On the other hand, perhaps we'd never have heard of flatpak otherwise.

Yeah, I feel that way too. The community seems to be pretty hostile to a number of projects from Canonical. In this case, though, I don't think they really tried to push Snap as a solution for desktop apps - there was a half-hearted push to get it into other distros, but it never felt like they were really committed to it. I think they're more interested in server and mobile use cases, because there's more potential revenue there.
It seems 16.04 is supported with a ppa on Ubuntu, and it's at least packaged for many other ones. Couldn't find anything about being in by default with mint, manjaro, fedora, suse, raspberian? I guess it's too soon.

It's in a default install of Fedora 25 (the current stable version). I think it's backed by people in the Gnome/Fedora/Red Hat set, so that's no surprise. It's in Debian's repos, but I don't know if/when it will be included in a default install of things like Mint or Raspbian.
I wonder if you tried the 'change current working directory' hack, and it didn't work?

I didn't try it yet. I think it certainly should work, it just feels wrong.