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[school-discuss] Open Admin for Schools 1.00 released.


I've just uploaded the new 1.00 release of Open Administration for
Schools. This is a GPL'd School Administration package designed for
elementary schools, K-12 schools, and smaller high schools.

This version features a new aliasing and attendance entry system for K-12
schools and allows different numbers of periods per day for different
grade levels. (ie. 2 for K-6 and more for 7-12)

It also includes code for a special needs division wide application to
manage the programs of special needs students including per student
objectives and progress reports based on them, teams, assessments, etc.

As well, there is a beginning division office site for gathering data from
all schools. (Normally I run several schools on one Linux server along
with the special needs application and now this SIS system).

This is written in simple perl (since I'm simple too...<grin>) and uses a
MySQL SQL database to store the data. 

The main OpenAdmin site is at:


The demonstration sites have also been updated at:
http://bcsa.richtech.ca  (main admin)
http://bcst.richtech.ca  (teacher admin)
http://iep.richtech.ca (special needs site)
http://sis.richtech.ca (central office)


Les Richardson
H. Hardcastle School
Edam, Sk. Canada

PS. Errr....ahhhh.....this _might_ contain some bugs....<grin> YMMV.