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[school-discuss] Preparing the next freeduc-cd release


OFSET is preparing the next freeduc-cd release, planed for
october/automn. This release is supported by UNESCO and the UNESCO will
distribute it all around. Of course as OFSET is a member of SchoolForge
this is also a SchoolForge project with the matching logo :-)

For this special version we have prepared a booklet to be included with
the CD-ROM. This is a 10-12 pages booklet. It is actually written in
French and we are looking at volunteers to translate it in various
languages (including English). An initial Spanish version has already
been translated but it still need some work. More info can be found at

If you are interested contributing to that project, contact me directly
at hilaire AT ofset.org, also we can continue the discussion in the
schoolforge mailing list :-)


Hilaire Fernandes