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[school-discuss] Dr. Geo 0.9.7

A new version 0.9.7 of Dr. Geo is ready to be download at

Follow is the change log:

* Add the getAngle function in the DGS API. This method expects one
parameter, a reference to an angle object, it returns one measure in
DEGREE. To get a measure in RADIAN, use the getValue function.

* First implementation to turn Dr. Geo as a TeXmacs plug-in. It is
experimental and still very buggy. However when installing Dr.Geo, the
plugin for TeXmacs is installed. From TeXmacs the plug-in can be found
in Text->Session->Dr. Geo

* Implement a minimal unit grid. It can be display per figure, also it
is saved a long the figure.

* Implement an automatic upgrade system for the user preferences file.
The system is mostly entirely implemented in Scheme. This will avoid
problem seen when upgrading Dr. Geo from one version to a subsequent

* Updated translations of the user interface in Czech, Dutch, French,
German, Italian, Marathi, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

More information concerning Dr. Geo can be found at

A debian package of the 0.9.7 release will come out in the following

For bugs reports, documentations, screenshots, see the specific pages at
the Dr. Geo web page.


Hilaire Fernandes