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[school-discuss] Web-based School Administration

> As far as databases go, we use SQL Server, and I am very happy with it.  Its
> impressive to see 100k+ student districts and states running hundreds of
> transactions per second.  At times we have managed to push SQL Server to its
> limits, and we have not been able to get that kind of output out of any of
> the open source databases.

LOL! The whole idea is to lose MS servers, which AFAIK, are needed to run
SQL server. Are these still running after the latest exploits of the
current week?

If you wanted to run this kind of thing with "hundreds of school
districts", why not clusterize things, etc. Lots of alternative solutions,
rather than the evil empire. In most cases, I would assume that a district
level server running MySQL or PostgreSQL would easily handle the required
I/O. (I run a couple of these).

Persistent database connections are really required for doing larger
stuff, which requires more talent in setup...

Les Richardson