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[school-discuss] (FWD) request to purchase knoppix for kids CD ROMs

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Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 01:21:58 -0700
Subject: request to purchase knoppix for kids CD ROMs
From: jim stockford <jim@well.com>
To: schoolforge-discuss@schoolforge.net

    I would like to purchase Knoppix for Kids CD ROMs
that are packaged in a printed cover--I saw one once
for a few minutes and am now in love. I will pay a
reasonable price for a small quantity; if I have to, I
guess I'd pay a slightly unreasonable price for a
moderate quantity. I'm an individual, not an institution,
and my pockets are not deep.
    I'll be grateful to anyone who can help me with this.
jim stockford
    415 823 4590  cellphone

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