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Re: [school-discuss] (FWD) request to purchase knoppix for kids CD

jim stockford <jim@well.com> wrote:
>     I would like to purchase Knoppix for Kids CD ROMs
> that are packaged in a printed cover--I saw one once

I saw Harry McGregor (from OSEF) at LinuxWorld Expo in SF the past few
days.  There is no new Knoppix for Kids disc yet (but there are plans),
and I'm not sure if he's got any left-over from the 5000(?) made last

You might want to e-mail him and ask:  hmcgregor@osef.org

(Or, I see you're in the 415 area code; drop by LWE at Moscone
and visit him!  Today's the last day of the expo.  Floor closes at 4pm!)

Good luck!

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