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Re: [school-discuss] MySQL in classroom

On Friday 20 August 2004 08:57 am, Scott Sherrill wrote:
> I am going to be teaching a High School computer course this fall,
> and one of the components I want to cover is databases and in
> particular SQL queries.
> I am going to use MySQL for my DB both because it's free and it's
> what I already have familiarity with.
> What I am wondering though is does anyone have, or can point me at a
> large collection of data to populate the DB?  I am thinking access to
> a DB with a thousand+ entries maybe a couple tables etc.  Something
> interesting that the kids could query but large enough that they
> can't calculate anything by hand.
> Anybody have a DB I can snag?
> On a related note anybody else teaching MySQL and would be willing to
> share their resources?
> Thanks,
> Scott

Hi Scott,

Resources:  you can snag my "Tools for Communication" software applications
textbook at http://www.cs.cuw.edu/csc/csc-175

As for a database, you can snag the aircraft registration database from the
FAA (http://www.faa.gov) which has several hundred thousand records and three
or four basic tables.  You can count, for example, the number of airplanes in
the registry that are over 50 years old, or the number of Boeing 727s in the
registry.  There are a number of good things that can be done, and the
database is free.  It comes as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, so it is
easy to import.

I hope this helps.
jeff williams - cfiaime@cfiaime.com
		cfiaime@nconnect.net (going away soon)