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Re: [school-discuss] MySQL in classroom


I'll send you my MailWatch MySQL database of email msgs processed through the 
softecusa server.  It has only been recording since April and has over 30,000 
records in it.  Each msg is logged along with its header, spamassassin and 
virus ratings as well as other information.  There are a number of tables.

I can zip it and send it to you.  Let me know >> EMail: ivessm@softecusa.com

BTW, MailWatch is a great addition to the MailScanner program written by 
Julian Field of the UK.  Open Source, integrates virus & spam checking of all 
emails before they go through your MTA.  Both are worth a look.


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Subject: [school-discuss] MySQL in classroom

> I am going to be teaching a High School computer course this fall, 
> and one of the components I want to cover is databases and in 
> particular SQL queries.
> I am going to use MySQL for my DB both because it's free and it's 
> what I already have familiarity with.
> What I am wondering though is does anyone have, or can point me at a 
> large collection of data to populate the DB?  I am thinking access 
> to a DB with a thousand+ entries maybe a couple tables etc.  
> Something interesting that the kids could query but large enough 
> that they can't calculate anything by hand.
> Anybody have a DB I can snag?
> On a related note anybody else teaching MySQL and would be willing 
> to share their resources?
> Thanks,
> Scott
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> Scott Sherrill
> Technology Coordinator Hancock Public Schools
> Hancock, MI
> http://www.hancock.k12.mi.us
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