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[school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] FOSS to become more environmental friendly?

Sid4Salmon@AOL.COM wrote:
Dear Fellows and Friends:

I am here now wondering how much greenhouse gas emission we could save if we
turned off our computers around the world?  I guess the next best thing
is to do what
the article below is about.  A suggested slogan is; Buy a better power
supply and
save a planet? Comments Pam?:-)

Best regards,
There's some debate about whether turning off a computer will really
save money. Startup is stressful for electronic devices and, the
argument goes, will reduce the computers lifetime (similar to the
question of scrapping old cars because they are less fuel efficient --
true but building new cars takes lots of energy). Computers are getting
better at power management.

At work we leave the computers on 24/7 to download updates in the middle
of the night.

Lower power also means less heat (that's where the waste power goes)
reducing the need for building cooling (a serious issue with large
installations) and, at a more personal level, allowing quieter
computers. Computer noise pollution may not be a serious problem for the
larger society but I sure wish my new server was quieter!
Rob R.