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Re: [school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] FOSS to become more environmentalfriendly?

I leave my monitors powered on since they basically 'sleep' until the CPU is powered up. I have only had one monitor and two CPUs, one to water damage, out of 120 fail in the last five years.

From a look at my signature you can probably see that I am a progressive. I believe more greenhouse processes are produced by our natural environment than by human activity. The only exception to this might be our industrial feedlots and dairies. I have to pass two of these twice-a-day to and from work. Aside from a load-of-crap these animals produce they also pass large amounts of methane. When I travel to Texas, about 35 km away, on a trip to Lubbock or Amarillo, I pass mega-feedlots. We are talking thousands of heads. One even has a huge Christian cross on it - Go figure.

So. When you grab that milk or eat that steak - just think about how you are contributing to global warming. "Cork your Cow".


troy banther, b.s. (squared)
strict dietary vegan and slackware linux user
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