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OT: Re: [school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] FOSS to become more environmental friendly?

On Tuesday 24 August 2004 04:22, troy banther wrote:
> I believe more greenhouse processes are produced by our
> natural environment than by human activity. The only exception to this
> might be our industrial feedlots and dairies...

Whilst not wanting to start a flame war - releasing still more CO2 into the 
atmosphere - remember that these cows are eating vegetation which only a few 
months earlier was fixing carbon from the atmosphere, and whilst there is 
undeniably a vast quantity of gaseous bovine output, there is no net increase 
in carbon in the atmosphere as a result of this (unless someone has worked 
out a way to feed cattle on coal or oil).

Back on topic now:
Only a few years ago, I used to work exclusively on Acorn computers - all ARM 
based - and could leave a big pile of them switched on and consuming only a 
tiny amount of energy. Perhaps there is a market for a green 1U rackmount 
machine running ARM Linux for those 'always on but not too much floating 
point' jobs that we probably all have - mail servers, firewalls and the like.

Phil Driscoll