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Re: [school-discuss] About Open Source in European Union

El Sáb 19 Ene 2002 04:14, escribió:
> Hey people, did you know that European Union is offering funding for
> various (also Open Source) eLearning projects inside the EU region. Now
> it's time to write and send an application because the period for
> applications is closing in end of March, 2002.
> I think it's possible to get support for Open Source eLearning projects. In
> Council of the European Union Resolution, 2001/C 204/02, chapter 10) part
> VIII, Invites the commission:
> "To support the development of European multilingual educational resources,
> platforms and services, taking into account, when necessary, education and
> training-related aspects of intellectual property rights and the use of new
> distribution methods, and the development and promotion of internationally
> aspected standards and open source software"
> ( http://europa.eu.int/comm/education/elearning/reso_en.pdf )

hmm, where could I find specific/clear instructions on how to apply (and get 
the funding ) ? The above document is rather unspecific in terms of postal 
addresses, dead-lines or money....