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Re: [school-discuss] About Open Source in European Union

Teemu wrote:
> Hey people, did you know that European Union is offering funding for various
> (also Open Source) eLearning projects inside the EU region. Now it's time to
> write and send an application because the period for applications is closing
> in end of March, 2002.
I hope MimerDesk is goung to apply!  Everyone, if you could please alert
any European project leaders you know about this.  It sounds as though
this is directed specifically at our type of groups; we should try to
see that they get a great response!

I'm going to forward you roriginal message to the seul-edu mailing list
too, as not everyone there has subscribed to schoolforge-discuss yet. 
Since this requires swift action, I don't want to let it wait.  So some
of you will be seeing Teemu's original message again.  Oh, David, this
sounds like something just begging to be listed on Open Source Schools!

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