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Re: [school-discuss] Possibilities


I am definitely very grateful for these references and already impressed by your organization and clarity of your presentation of your project. Thanx!

An Ddi

At 16:19 2002.01.19 -0500, Josh Levine wrote:
>Mac ADd wrote:
>> I've been looking at the K12LTSP site you refer to below, your case study at SilverValley K12 and an multi-part tutorial that was on LinuxWorld, "How to create a Linux-based network of computers for peanuts", http://www.linuxworld.com/site-stories/2001/0823.xterminal.html.
>> I just wondering if you, or anyone else here, is familiar with both the K12LTSP and the latter tutorial and, if so, if you could offer any advice on the relative merits of each.
>There's also another option:
>You can see how I used the above kit and Samba to interface with our
>existing Windows NT network at:
>Of course, there are much better ways now to do what I did (for example,
>I believe Samba allows you to authenticate to a WinNT domain natively
>now), but there weren't when I started >2 years ago...
>--Josh Levine