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Re: [school-discuss] Possibilities

On Saturday 19 January 2002 13:06, you wrote:

> Here is my question:  Is it feasible to create a distribution of
> Linux which could run on old hardware - say 486 with 16MB that
> could do JUST the following:
> connect to a Win2000 netrwork to access the internet with a
> JavaScript (not Java) capable browser?  There would be no need for
> any sort of additional peripherals except a floppy (no
> CD-NoPrinter- No e-mail ABSOLUTELY no sound)   Obviously size is a
> major consideration. (I've heard this somewhere before...)
> This setup would be great for my classroom since most of what
> I would like my students to do can be done with a web browser and
> JavaScript.
> Jeff LeMieux

Rather than setting up an emasculated Linux and giving Linux a bad 
name with the kids,  why not just fire up a VNC server ( 
http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/index.html ) on the W2k box and 
use its browser? That way the old machines can see additional service 
but the students won't think Linux is a featureless operating system. 
You could strip almost everything except the kernel and what is 
needed for login and the vnc client out of Linux and simply export 
the W2k graphics to the local workstations.

The Linux end would then run fairly quickly.

Jes' my 2 cents worth.


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