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Re: [school-discuss] Possibilities

Jeff wrote:
> Here is my question:  Is it feasible to create a distribution of
> Linux which could run on old hardware - say 486 with 16MB that
> could do JUST the following:
> connect to a Win2000 netrwork to access the internet with a JavaScript
> (not Java) capable browser?  There would be no need for any
> sort of additional peripherals except a floppy (no CD-NoPrinter-
> No e-mail ABSOLUTELY no sound)   Obviously size is a major
> consideration. (I've heard this somewhere before...)
Why do you need to connect to a Win2000 network for this?  If it's just
connecting to an ethernet so you can access the internet, there should
be no problem.  Otherwise, you'll have to run a samba client on the
system.  Can you set static IP addresses and other info, or do you have
to get the addresses from a DHCP server?

TINY should fit these needs very nicely, as it's designed for a system
with no CD, uses a 2.0.x kernel (as Les suggested), and includes X.  It
works with Netscape 3.01 Gold, which is downloadable from a link on the
TINY website.  TINY's minimum requirements are a 386 processor with 8 MB
RAM and 50 MB hard drive.  A 486 with 16 MB RAM should be fine.

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